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Global Cover for the International High Net Worth Family

The speed at which we have become a global society is quite remarkable. People are simply moving around the globe at breakneck speeds and each country people visit, live or work in offer specific nuances that need to be interpolated by the global jet setter. One of the most important topics you will cover for your family is one of International Health Insurance that meets or exceeds the needs of the High Net Worth Individual and Family.

Although many countries around the world offer some sort of government run/issued/subsidized healthcare most people who have experienced these social systems abroad can share shortcomings of most. Long wait times, poor access to care, few options for immediate response to health concerns, taxed provider networks and more. The High Net Worth Global Traver does not want uncertainty in their lives especially when it comes to high level access to proper and immediate healthcare should the need arise. The high demands and needs of the High Net Global Family are simple yet complex. It is simple in that the need for quality healthcare with immediate access to this care while at the same time dealing with the complexities that seeking proper healthcare based on need can bring in a global setting.

Consider This:

  • Access to Care Worldwide
  • Medical Assistance Abroad
  • 24/7 Phone, Web and Mobile Support
  • Cashless Appointment Scheduling
  • Paperless Claims
  • Destination Intelligence
  • Elite Networks of Global Health Providers
  • Coverage within the United States
  • Unlimited Benefits
  • ELITE ZERO Dollar Deductible plans
  • Deep Pockets from Trusted Global Insurers
  • Emergency Medical Evacuations
  • Coverage for Terrorism

Two Insurers Stand Out

For the High Net Worth Individual seeking the very best in International Cover it comes down to two great insurers. But which company is the best for your family? This is not as difficult as it seems to choose the right company to meet the needs of your family.

  • GeoBlue - Is a U.S. Based Insurer that has been a leader and innovator in helping travelers and expatriates stay safe and gain easy access to quality healthcare all around the world. GeoBlue provides concierge type health care support when and if the need arises while abroad or within your home countries borders. GeoBlue, a Blue Cross Blue Shield branded and insured product brings global recognition of the Blue Cross Blue Shield logo which is recognized all over the world and represents the best in U.S. based healthcare traditions. GeoBlue's ELITE health plan represents the best in U.S. healthcare access while at the same time providing the global reach that is demanded by the High Net Worth Individual. GeoBlue has taken their expertise in creating a global network of providers and facilities that meet or exceed our western standards here in the states and taken this abroad to more than 190 countries.
  • Cigna Global - Overseas based, Cigna Global provides access to superior quality healthcare and related financial protection programmes to employers, affinity groups and high net worth individuals around the globe. Expatriate health insurance designed specifically for those living and working abroad.  It is designed to give you and your family access to the best healthcare possible, wherever you are in the world. Cigna Global boasts an impressive capacity for their global clients with sales capabilities in 30+ countries and jurisdictions, and more than 86 million customer relationships throughout the world. In addition Cigna Global has a support system of more than 37,000 employees to serve their global customers needs anywhere.

Both of these insurers are global in their scope of cover each offering spectacular International Health Plans for the High Net Worth Individual and their families. Depending on your families country of origin and where you spend most of your time abroad will help us better guide your to the plan choice and insurer best suited to meet your needs. Our job here is to help guide your family to the right plan so you can travel with peace of mind and know that should the need for medical attention rise you have complete access to any private medical provider anywhere in the world.

The Plan Choices

Each of these two companies offer a premium designed International Health Plan that is designed to meet the high demands of the very discerning global buyer.

GeoBlue is clearly the premier International Health Care provider for the Out-bound U.S. Citizen who will live and travel abroad. In addition GeoBlue offers specific opportunities for the Foreign National who owns real estate here in the United States. If you are a citizen of another country but you have ownership in a U.S. based business or your own a residential home here then you are eligible for the ELITE plan from GeoBlue. GeoBlue will provide global cover to you and your family while in the U.S., at home or abroad. If you are an inbound student studying here in the U.S. then you and any family members may be eligible.


Cigna Global offers a bit more complicated plan in that their Premier Plans are modular based plans giving you the buyer the ability to select the modules that are most important to you while at the same time being able to adjust plan deductibles and co-insurance limits within the selected modules. For those who simply are shopping for the BEST coverage the Cigna Global Platinum plan is their flagship product


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