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Recently GeoBlue announced the introduction of their BASIC Upgrade option.  This option was an answer to a problem that has existed for quite a while.  GeoBlue offers three versions of their Xplorer for Expats plan and up til now the only option one had for coverage while visiting the United States was their Flagship plan the Xplorer Premier.  However the Premier was designed for those who not only live abroad but spend part of each year also at home in the United States or her territories. 

The introduction of the BASIC option now provides for a cost-effective way to provide coverage for those who currently live abroad but still may have need for coverage during short-term visits home.

Prior to the Basic Option if a GeoBlue member was living abroad without the U.S. Coverage option for the plan selected then any inbound trips to the U.S. went uninsured or they had to purchase a separate Travel Medical plan for that one inbound visit.  This post shares the comparison chart below showing the primary differences between the Flagship Xplorer Premier (includes U.S. Cover) and the Xplorer Essential (No U.S. Cover) with the BASIC upgrade option selected.  This new optional upgrade solves a problem we have all had to accept until now.

The Basic Upgrade is a new tool for those who are living or planning to live abroad but do not have the need for comprehensive U.S. Coverage.  When you select an health plan for living abroad GeoBlue offers two primary options, one the Premier Plan includes coverage over the entire globe including the United States and her territories.  Or secondly you can select the Essential plan which provide global coverage minus the United States and her territories.

With the BASIC Upgrade option you can now visit home here in the states without the high cost of the Premier plan or the added headache of obtaining a separate inbound travel medical plan when you decide to come home a visit for a few weeks.  Simple add this upgrade at the time of application or if you are already an Essential plan member add it at the time your plan renews for the upcoming year.

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GeoBlue Expat U.S. Coverate Options

Comparison Highlights Comprehensive Coverage inside the U.S. Available with Xplorer Premier Plan Basic U.S. Benefits Upgrade Available with the Xplorer Essential Plan
U.S. Coverage Options Overview
Coverage Area Inside the U.S Inside the U.S.
Description of U.S. Coverage Options Major medical coverage allowing members freedom to seek care in the U.S. for up to 9 months per year. Comprehensive U.S. benefits for emergent, urgent, routine, preventive and elective care. Basic travel accident and sickness coverage inside the U.S. for short trips to the U.S. Covers incidental illness and injury. Not designed to cover preventive, elective care or extended stays in the U.S.
Benefit Information
Medical Maximum Unlimited $1,000,000
U.S. In-Network Coinsurance 80% to coinsurance maximum (100% thereafter) 80% to coinsurance maximum (100% thereafter)
U.S. Out-of-Network Coinsurance 60% to coinsurance maximum (100% thereafter) 60% to coinsurance maximum (100% thereafter)
Coverage for U.S. Citizens Inside the U.S. Capped at 9 months 21 days per trip, three trips maximum per calendar year
Deductible Waiver Waived for all physician office visits and preventative care Waived for all physician office visits
Preventive Care Unlimited Not Covered
Patient Responsibility for In-Network Physician Office Visits $30 copay per visit $50 copay per day
Ability to Travel to the U.S. for Treatment YES NO
Elective Care In The U.S. Including Cancer Treatment, Heart Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and Other Elective Care COVERED NOT COVERED
Mental Health Benefits Inpatient: 100% up to 60 days Outpatient: 75% up to 40 visits (60% thereafter) NOT COVERED
Speech Therapy 12 visits per calendar year, deductible waived, up to $30 per visit NOT COVERED
Acupuncture In-Network: 80% up to $2,000 Out-of-Network: 60% up to $2,000 NOT COVERED
Chiropractic Care In-Network: 80% up to $2,000 Out-of-Network: 60% up to $2,000 NOT COVERED
Nursing Home Expenses As many as 50 days per calendar year under skilled nursing services benefit NOT COVERED
Substance Abuse Inpatient 100% up to 60 days detox / Outpatient 75% up to 40 visits and 60% thereafter NOT COVERED
Inpatient Prescription Drugs Unlimited $1,000,000
Outpatient Prescription Drugs $1,000 Basic Prescription Benefit Enhanced Prescription Upgrade available: $25,000 $1,000
Injectables 70% to coinsurance maximum (100% thereafter) NOT COVERED
Birth Control Up to outpatient prescription drug limit NOT COVERED
Newborn Care
Routine Nursey Care of a Newborn Child of a Covered Pregnancy UNLIMITED NOT COVERED
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Newborn is automatically covered; Unlimited Covered due to complications of pregnancy only
Pre-existing Conditions
Pre-existing Condition Exclusion Period 180 days Exclusion waived with evidence of prior health insurance 180 days Any evidence of prior health insurance does not apply to pre-existing condition wait period.
Pre-existing Condition Look Back Period 180 Days 2 Years
Pre-existing Annual Maximum Once Covered Unlimited $500
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