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Cigna Global Protecting Your Family Living Abroad - More About Cigna Global Platinum

Cigna Global International Health Insurance for Expats Customer GuideCigna Global Expatriate International Health Insurance QuotesSo you are about to move abroad and explore all the treasures of the World? It is clear that traveling abroad although it is exciting it does not come without risk. But you already know this and now it is time to make a selection to cover your family while living outside the borders of your home country. Cigna Global provides you with not only the right coverage choices but the tools to access care from anywhere in the world should the need for care arise.

The quality of healthcare can vary widely around the world.  The quality of care in your new country may not be to the standard you were used to back home.  Also, as a foreign national, you and your family will not likely be entitled to any free or subsidized healthcare. It is therefore important to consider an expatriate health plan to provide for the healthcare needs of you and your family. This page is dedicated to better helping you make the right choice for your family.

There are two clear leaders providing International Health Insurance for Expats... GeoBlue and Cigna Global. Both companies offer premier global health plans each with their own benefit structure. Cigna Global offers the Expat a modular approach allowing the Expat to tailor their plan to fit their individual needs and better meet price point goals. Although Cigna Global offers 3 Core Cover plans to choose from (Silver, Gold, & Platinum) this page focuses on their Platinum plan with a Comparison Chart further down the page giving you a snap shot of the differences between the GeoBlue Xplorer Premier plan and the Cigna Global Platinum for Expats.

With Cigna Global you start by selecting their core policies cover for inpatient, day case surgery and accommodation costs. In addition, essential cover for cancer and psychiatric care are provided for. Gold and Platinum policies also offer cover for routine maternity. Then you will add one or more of the four remaining modules to complete your total plan of cover. Additional modules are:

  1. International Outpatient - Additional and more extensive outpatient cover that protects you for any treatments that don't require a hospital stay.
  2. International Health & Wellbeing - Manage your health in your own way with cover for screenings, tests, examinations and other wellbeing activities.
  3. International Medical Evacuation - Peace of mind cover for transport and repatriation costs for you and a family member if you need treatment in another country.
  4. International Vision & Dental - Complete cover for all your vision and dental costs.

Access to Information Worldwide - @

Cigna Global Access to Information at your fingertipsAs a Cigna Global customer you have access to a wealth of information wherever you are in the world through your secure Online Customer Area. From here you will be able to effectively manage your policy including:

  • View policy documents, including Certificate of Insurance, ID Cards for all covered on the plan
  • Check Policy Rules that apply to your policy
  • Check coverage for you and your family
  • Submit claims Online
  • Search for healthcare facilities and professionals near you
  • Country guides highlighting security and cultural information for many destinations
  • View Cigna Global customer magazine
  • Download the Safe Travel App (Platinum & Gold customers only)

Cigna Brings Customer Service to Your Mobile Device

Cigna Global SafeTravel Mobile Phone App Free to Cigna Global CustomersCigna Global is not only there to assist you 24/7 via the Internet and by phone communication they also offer you a new SmartPhone App that you can download to your phone giving you the ultimate traveling companion.  SafeTravel was developed by leading travel security experts for Apple and Android devices.  Cigna's GOLD and PLATINUM customers will be able to access global travel advice, real-time alerts, news on breaking incidents, and an Online document storage facility from anywhere in the world.


The Cigna Global Promise

Cigna Global prides themselves in offering their customers exceptional customer service. Service when you need it!

  • You can speak to their highly experiences Customer Care Team 24/7
  • You have quick and easy access to healthcare facilities and professionals around the world through extensive networks
  • Cigna will reimburse your treatment provider directly in most cases. On the rare occasion that you have to pay for treatment yourself, Cigna Global aims to process your claim within 5 working days after receiving all necessary documentation
  • You can receive payment in over 135 currencies
  • A medical network comprising of over 1 million partnerships, including 89,000+ behavioral health care professionals, and 11,400+ facilities and clinics

How to Enroll

  1. First generate a quote for you and your family
  2. Please note that each option added or changed will affect rate quoted
  3. Once satisfied with your quote continue to Online Application
  4. Once submitted a decision is generally made within a couple of days
  5. Applicants with little or no health history may experience an instant approval

Need Assistance?

If you would like to have us prepare a personal quote for you and your family simply click the button below. These detailed quotes can be modified until we find the right plan choices for your family. When you are ready you simply click the button in the quote prepared for you and enroll. You will have one last opportunity to modify your quote before completing the application. If you have questions call us at +1 307-690-0427 or reach out to us via email at "" we are here to help!

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Expat Snap Shot Comparison Chart
Benefits GeoBlue Xplorer Premier
(some benefit upgrades required)
Cigna Global Premium
(must select proper modules)
Policy Term 6 Months & Longer 6 Month & Longer
Age Range 0 - 74 (Renewable to age 84) 18 - 100
Deductibles $0 / $500 / $2,000 / $5,000 $0 / $375 / $750 / $1,500 /
$3,000 / $7,500 / $10,000
Medical Maximum Unlimited Lifetime Unlimited Lifetime
Cost Share 100% or States Amount 0% / 10% / 20% / 30%
Out-of-Pocket Maximum $2,000 / $4,000 / $8,000 / $10,000 $2,000 or $5,000
Medical Evacuation $250,000 Built in to Contract 100% Module Must Be Selected
Pre-Existing Conditions Covered with prior Creditable Coverage Exclusions Are Possible
Terrorism 100% Coverage NOT COVERED
U.S. Coverage (Optional Benefit) Up to 9 months in a rolling 12 Up to 6 months in a rolling 12
Hospitalization 100% after
selected deductible
100% after selected
deductible & coinsurance
Outpatient Surgery 100% 100%
Maternity 100% Coverage after mother is on policy 364 days. Must add at Renewal Up to $14,000 benefit after
mother is on policy 365 days
Ambulance 100% 100%
Prescription 100% to $25,000 with Rx Rider Upgrade 100%
Office Visits $10 Copay 100%
Immunizations 100% 100%
Lab & X-Ray 100% 100%
Radiation therapy,
MRI, CAT Scan Etc.
100% 100%
1 Routine Annual Exam 100% 100%
Annual Pap & Mammogram 100% 100%
Acupuncture * Chiropractic 100% up to $2,000 100%
Physical Therapy $20/visit, 12 visits / year 100%
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