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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky Medicare Supplement QuotesWhat is a Medicare Supplement Plan and how does it work?

A Medicare Supplement Plan is a health benefit coverage plan that complements (or supplements) your regular Medicare coverage. Although Medicare pays for many health care services and supplies, it doesn't pay for all of them. A Medicare Supplement Plan will help pay for those costs which could include deductibles, coinsurance and copayments when visiting your doctor. An Anthem Medicare Supplement Plan is also a good idea if you prefer to keep your own doctor and hospital and choose your own specialist and other health care provider.

Medicare has two parts:

Part A (Hospital Insurance) - Most people don't have to pay for this coverage.

Helps pay for:

  • Care in hospitals and an inpatient
  • Critical access hospitals (small facilities that give limited outpatient & inpatient services to people in rural areas)
  • Skilled nursing facilities (not custodial or long-term care)
  • Hospice care
  • Some home health care

Part B (Medical Insurance) - Most people pay for this coverage through a deduction in their social security check.

Helps pay for medically necessary services and supplies, including:

  • Doctors' services
  • Outpatient hospital care
  • Some other medical services that Part A dosen't cover, such as the services of physical & occupational therapists
  • Some home health care

You can find out if you have Part A and/or Part B by looking at your red, white and blue Medicare card

What are the costs?

You'll be responsible for a premium each month. There are also some out-of-pocket fees, depending on the plan you choose.

Are You Planning to Travel Outside the Borders of the United States?

Remember If you are covered by Medicare remember that Medicare provides no protection overseas while Medicare Supplements strictly limit benefits abroad. Foreign Travel benefits of some Medicare Supplements are limited to Medically necessary emergency care beginning during the first 60 days of each trip outside the USA. You are responsible to for the first $250 each calendar year plus 20% of the Lifetime Maximum of $50,000. That is it... More and more seniors are becoming aware of the many gaps and limitations and they are not leaving things to change. Go with a name you can trust.

GEOBlue International Travel Medical & International Health Insurance

Go with a name and brand you can trust. GeoBlue is the trade name for the international health insurance programs of Worldwide Insurance Services, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. GeoBlue International health plans are offered in cooperation with certain local Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, with a network that includes more than 90 percent of physicians and 80 percent of hospitals across the U.S. GeoBlue’s comprehensive portfolio of international health insurance plans demonstrates the commitment to covering members both at home and abroad. Global travelers can leave home feeling confident that a trusted source of care is available at a moment’s notice—no matter what country, town or time zone. GeoBlue’s highly qualified doctors speak your language, treat you like a friend, and bill GeoBlue directly for their services. With instant access in the palm of your hand and twenty-four/seven concierge support, you’ll travel anywhere with the peace of mind that if your health is a concern, getting good care is not.


Who is eligible?

You are eligible for a Medicare Supplement Plan if you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B and if your are age 65 or older or, in some states, under 65 with a disability and/or end stage renal disease (plan offerings and eligibility vary by state). You also must be a resident of the state where the policy is offered.

Why Anthem?

  1. Stable premiums. In most cases, Anthem members will pay less over a 3 to 5 year period compared to other companies.
  2. Access to any physician or hospital who is Medicare-Approved in the US. (No referrals necessary).
  3. $0 out of pocket costs when you see a doctor or hospital with Plan F.
  4. Policy cannot be canceled from underneath you regardless of claims history.
  5. No claim forms.
  6. Some companies will have two rates; a “new customer rate” and a “current member rate.”  They will advertise the lower “new customer ” rate, while their existing members are paying the higher “current customer rate.”  Anthem has doesn’t play these games, they have only “1″ rate which I believe is much better for the member.

These new customer rates in many cases are very attractive but in subsequent years the increases can be quite alarming.  Most Seniors stay with a chosen Medicare Supplement plan for years and beginning in years 2 and beyond these plans that were less expensive in the early years quickly become more expensive.  Currently if you are healthy after your initial enrollment you can make a change to your supplemental plan.  However if your health becomes an issue there are only a couple of states like California that provide Seniors with a window to make a change to their current plan regardless of health.

Anthem Offers Discounts

Anthem offers three options to save additional money with your Anthem Medicare Supplement plan.

  1. Save $2 per month by simply enrolling in Automatic Bank Draft or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) program.
  2. Save $48 by paying your premium for the entire year, based on the policy effective date
  3. Save 5% when more than one member in the household enrolls in a Medicare Supplement plan.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for a Medicare Supplement Plan if you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B and if your are age 65 or older or, in some states, under 65 with a disability and/or end stage renal disease (plan offerings and eligibility vary by state). You also must be a resident of the state where the policy is offered.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky Medicare Supplement Plans Offered...

The chart below details the Medicare Supplement plans offer by Anthem Blue Cross in the State of Kentucky. Every company must make Plan "A" available. Some plans may not be available in your state. Plans A & F are available to those who are under age 65 and qualify for Medicare due to disability.

Important Note: Plans E, H, I and J are no longer available for sale.

Save Even More On Your Monthly Premiums

When you enroll in an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement you can save additional money on your monthly premiums. There are two options that you can take to save. If you elect to pay your premium via Automatic Bank Draft or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) you will save $2 per month per policy. Save even more when you pay your premium for the entire year. If you elect to pay annually for your supplement you will save $48.00 per year per policy.

When more than one member in the household enrolls in a Medicare Supplement plan with Anthem you can save an additional 5% on your monthly premiums. So if you have a husband and wife who pay their premiums annually they will save 5% PLUS $48 per year per policy. So if you can take advantage of these additional savings and help keep your costs down...

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky
offers 4 of the 10 standard plans: A, F, High F, &N
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky Medicare Supplement Rates
A F High Ded F N
Benefits - Complete Outline of Medicare Supplements
Basic Benefits
Medicare Part A Deductible ($1,216)
Medicare Part B Deductible ($147)
Medicare Part B Coinsurance 20%
Medicare Part B Excess Charges
Skilled Nursing Facility
Foreign Travel Emergency (Up to Plan Limits)

Brochures & Enrollment Forms

Scan Completed Application and email to " or
Mail to: Timothy Jennings PO Box 6374, Jackson, WY 83002-6374
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky Application
Timothy Jennings Authorized Agent Do You Have an Agent?  Let Me Help You!

Welcome to  Many people who are current members with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield but they do not have an agent appointed that can help them with Membership Account isuues.  Many current Anthem Members currently have agents but they are no longer able to reach them for service.  If this is you and you want to have your own agent then consider me.

You Have A Choice

My name is Timothy Jennings and I am an Authorized Independent Agent for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in the following states - California, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia.  I have been a health insurance agent for more than 25 years and I have earned a reputation as an effective advocate for my clients.  If you currently do not have a agent to represent you and you would like to consider appointing me as your Agent of Record feel free to contact me with any questions.  There is no additional cost to you and it is simple and easy to do.  Find out Click for More Informationmore on how to appoint me as you agent.  Click for more information.

Medicare Basics

Establising a strong, fundamental foundation of Medicare knowledge will help you to make informed decisions about your health coverage. Medicare has 4 primary components:

  • Medicare Part A - Hospital
  • Medicare Part B -Medical Insurance
  • Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Beneftis

Medicare Part A: Hospital Insurance

Medicare Part A pays for the services that hospitals provide, such as the room, nursing services, and supplies for an inpatient stay. In some cases, Part A may pay for a stay in a skilled nursing facility, as well as home health and hospice care. Fortunately, most people do not have to pay a monthly premium for Part A coverag

It is funded by a portion of the Social Security tax you and your employers have already paid Part A, however, will not cover all your hospital costs. There is a deductible of $1,184 per benefit period for 2013. You must pay your entire deductible before Medicare Part A will cover any hospital expenses. In addition, if you are hospitalized for an extended period, you will also have to pay a daily coinsurance fee. This is $296 per day for days 61 – 90, and it rises to $592 a day for your 91st day through 150th day

These costs can build up. If you are hospitalized for 60 days, you’ll only be responsible for your Part A deductible. But if you are hospitalized for 100 days, you’ll pay almost $13,350.

Medicare Part B: Medical Insurance

Medicare Part B pays for the services that doctors provide, in the hospital or in their offices. It also pays for outpatient hospital services, long-lasting medical equipment like wheelchairs and walkers, and other medical services and supplies. Part B is optional. If you decide to enroll in Medicare Part B, you may also apply for a supplemental plan of your choice without answering health questions.

Part B works like most health insurance plans. You pay a monthly premium which is based on your income, that you can even have deducted from your Social Security check. For 2013, you must meet an annual deductible of $147.00. After that, Medicare generally pays 80% of the charges it approves. You typically are responsible for paying the remaining 20% or applicable co-payment, plus any charges that are higher than Medicare’s approved amounts if the provider does not accept Medicare assignment.

Medicare Supplement or “Medi-Gap” plans pay for many health care services and supplies, but original Medicare plans do not cover all. These costs are called “gaps” in Medicare coverage. A Medicare Supplement or “Medi-Gap” policy is designed to help cover these gaps. You pay a monthly premium for this additional coverage.

Medicare Part C: Medicare Advantage

Certain private insurance companies offer Medicare Advantage plans, also referred to as Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage plans have a contract with Medicare that allows them to administer your Medicare benefits (Part A and Part B), so you have one source for your health care coverage. These plans may also provide enhanced benefits that go beyond those required by Medicare. To help you save more on the cost of your coverage, certain Medicare Advantage plans use provider networks (health maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations) to reduce your share of the cost for covered services.

Medicare Part D: Prescription Drugs

Anyone who is entitled to Medicare Part A or enrolled in Part B will be able to enroll in Medicare Prescription Drug coverage. Here’s how it works: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have chosen a variety of private companies to offer Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs). Premiums and benefits may vary, based on your geographic region and on the company. However, average premiums are about $38 per month. This premium may be lower for those with limited income and resources. When Medicare designed its standard prescription drug benefit, it focused on providing solid coverage to the majority of people with Medicare. PDPs may offer Medicare’s standard benefit or plans with enhanced benefits

How to Enroll in Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky Medicare Supplement

To be eligible for coverage you must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and Parts B. Generally if you are over the age of 65 and you are enrolled in Medicare A & B you can choose to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan. If you are just turning age 65 or you are within 6 months of your Part B start date, enrollment is guaranteed. Your enrollment may also be guaranteed if you have a qualifying event. If you have questions please call us at (619) 435-6700

Three Options to Submit Your Application...

Please note that the application you will download is in a ADOBE ACROBAT PDF FILL IN FORMAT and you can use you computer to complete the application using your keyboard before you print it for signature. If you are ready to enroll simply download the United of Omaha application from one of the above links.


Quote and Apply Online - Click Here


If you have the full version of ADOBE ACROBAT you can save the application file to your desktop on your computer or to any folder you wish - Or print the application out after completeing and then scan the entire application and email it to us at SALES@INDIVIDUALHEALTH.COM.


Print the application out and complete it in BLACK ink. When finished mail the entire application to the address below.


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky ApplicationP O BOX 6374
JACKSON, WY 83002-6374


Anthem Extras Packages

Anthem ExtrasPackaged Benefits ...

Healthy teeth and eyes help contribute to your overall well-being. That's why Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) created Anthem Extras Packages - with your overall health in mind. Anthem offers three packages to complement your Medicare Supplement plan - and help you reach for better health. Anthem's Standard, Premium and Premium Plus packages offer valuable benefits and services, such as:

  • Packaged dental and vision coverage that offers extra preventive benefits
  • Support services and tools to help you maintain good overall health and well-being

And best of all, these packages are available for a monthly plan premium ranging from $20 to $52. The benefits in each package will roll up to one overall premium, and you will receive one ID card for all of these services.

Interested in Dental Only Coverage?

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky offers a stand alone Dental Only option for seniors. The Anthem Extras Package contains the option for the Premium Plus package which part of this package is their PPO Dental Plan. As long as you have Medicare A & B you can choose to enroll in the Anthem Premium Plus Dental Plan on a Stand-Alone basis. The Premium Plus dental plan is part of the Premium Plus Package of the Anthem Extras program. To see if your dentist participates in the Anthem Dental Network click here. When prompted, choose the Dental Blue 200 network. To view the brochure. Look for the benefit schedule for the "Premium Plus Dental".

Premium Plus lets you choose any dentist whether or not that dentist is part of their network. But you may end up paying more for a service if you visit an out-of-network dentist. It is important to have dental benefits that can help impact your overall health. Anthem's Premium Plus Dental plan offer benefits such as:

  • Coverage for diagnostic and preventive care - which can be key to good long-term oral health
  • Third cleaning or periodontal maintenance procedures are covered for diabetic members on all of the Anthem Extras Packages plan
  • Access to one of the largest dental provider networks in your state
  • Freedom from paper work - network dentists file claims, and there are no referrals needed
  • $1,250 per member per benefit year
  • Dental Blue 200 Network
  • 100% Diagnostic and Preventive Services when using a network provider

How to Enroll in the Premium Plus Dental Only..

Simply download the enrollment form from the orange button below and complete the application selecting the "Premium Plus Dental" option and be sure to select an effective date for coverage to begin. Scan and email your completed application to "".

Download now

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