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California Birthday Rule for Medicare Supplements

2020 California Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

The California Medicare Supplement “Birthday Rule” is a very unique Medicare Supplement rule which California is one of only two states which allows this rule.

The California Medicare Supplement rule states; you have 30 days from the date of your birthday to change your Medicare Supplement plan to a company with the same plan or one with less benefits.  The change is guaranteed, meaning regardless of your current health status, the new California Medicare Supplement company cannot deny your application.

In California there is no need to stay with a company who is charging you more than the competition If the benefits are the same regardless of the company you are with, you should take full advantage of this unique California law. For example if you are with Company X and you have Plan F with them and you want to make a change without medical underwriting you can do this once per year on your birthday and 30 days following as long as you enroll in Company Y's Plan or lower plan - for example Plan G.

  1. The time frame to exercise the "Birthday Rule" is 30 days following your birthday. However, you can also apply in the 30 days leading up to your birthday. So you actually get a total 61 days to exercise the California Birthday Rule. Please keep in the mind, the new policy can only take effect on your birthday or in the 30 days after your birthday.
  2. You can change to another plan, as long as it is of equal of lesser coverage level. For example, if you have Plan F (one of the top levels of coverage), you can switch to almost any plan with any company. If you have one of the lower level plans, you would have to stay with the same level plan or choose one that is lower in coverage. However, there are occasionally exceptions to this rule. For example, AARP is currently allowing enrollment in any plan level if you are switching from a different carrier. 
  3. In order to take advantage of this rule, you must already have a Medicare Supplement plan.

2020 Medicare Supplement Plan Rates

The Birthday Rule allows you to change Medicare Supplement Plans on the month of your birthday.  If a person already has a Medicare Supplement plan, they have 30 days of “open enrollment” following their birthday each year when they may buy a new Medicare Supplement policy without a medical screening or a new waiting period.

Remember... the new policy must have the same or lesser benefits as the old policy.  This rule is only for Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policies.  Medicare Advantage HMO plans have different rules that apply to their annual open enrollment options. 


You can enroll or apply for a Medicare Supplement anytime though out the year.  Although, the two best times to purchase a Medicare Supplement policy without underwriting are during the “Initial Enrollment Period” which is the six month window when you are new to Medicare Part B, or when you leave your employer health insurance plan.  The other time is during the Medicare Supplement “Birthday Rule.”  both are Guaranteed issue situations.

You can also choose not to wait for your birthday and apply for a new company at anytime during the year.  In this situation you will be asked to complete the “Health Questions” on the application, and your approval is based on your current health status.  This is also a very common event.

If you have an ongoing health condition you can apply for coverage with a different company outside of the birthday rule, simply to see if the company will approve you.  Otherwise during the month of your birthday is your best option for lowering your monthly premium.


Complete the appropriate company application and either mail or email it back to me for processing.  I’ll make sure the process is quick and accurate with your desired effective date. Please feel free to contact me anytime with your questions or for more information.

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