Global Health Advantage Short-Term Abroad

Cigna Global International Health InsuranceNot all of your employess will be sent abroad for extended periods of time. For those employess who may be traveling from at least 3 months up to a maximum of 24 months the Global Advantage Short-Term Abroad may be just the right fit. Many employees who are assigned for extended short term assignments may expect to have the same level of coverage as their fully permanent Expat counte-parts. This is why Cigna Global has created the Short-Term Abroad plan which offers all of the same benefits as Cigna Global's longer term plans - but at a cost that is much less.

Products are Country Specifc

Not all Cigna Global products are available in all countries. If you want to make sure you have the correct information for your group please email us at "" the specifics of your company and your employee assignments and we will send you the appropriate brochures.

Keeping the coverage you have at home

This plan provides coverage only for your employees abroad - not in their home country. Be sure that your employees maintain their home country insurance when they travel. It is important to note that all family members who stay home are not eligible for coverage.

Four Plan Options

Cignal understands that no two people are alike nor are any two companies. This is why Cigna gives you four plan options to choose from . While all of them include first class healthcare, routine visits, and prescription drugs, you choose plans with more options if needed. Option including dental, evacuation/repatriation, medical translation services and more. Choose the best coverage options for you, your employess and your bottom line.

Advantage Short Term Abroad Plans include:

  • Access to the world's largest health network - woth more than one million doctors and hospitals
  • Truly global coverage in more than 450 cities in approximately 205 countries and jurisdictions
  • Hassle-free care With payment options like direct payments and guarantee of payments, Cigna Global makes things easier for your employees
  • Fewer paperwork headachesIn many cases, Cigna Global eliminates or reduces the need for claim forms
  • 24/7 assistance from their Service Centers. Cigna's multilingual, culturally- sensitive experts will work with your employees to help them with virtually any health issue that comes up
  • A website create especially for your employees - Employees can find a local doctor, arrange for automated paymen, submit online claims, learn more about the country they're staying in, and so much more.
Cigna Global International Health Insurance for Business Travelers

Cigna Global Medical Beneftis Abroad International Medical BenefitsMedical Benefits Abroad - the Alternative - As we continue to grow as a Global Society, traveling, working, and living outside the borders of your home country is just about as common as vacation travel. Medical Benefits Abroad by Cigna Global health insurance was designed to cover those who do exactly that travel on International business abroad. It is no secret that the quality of health care varies dramatically around the world. When you work in another country it may be exciting but the level of care in your new country may be lacking and not to the standards of your home country. In addition as foreign nationals you more than likely will not have access nor be entitled to any subsidized healthcare. It is important to consider a International health plan that will provide for your health care needs should the need arise.

When your employees travel on international busniess, you want to be sure they have access to quality health care when they need it. Cigna's Medical Benefits Abroad (MBA) plan gives you that access. It covers international business travelers for injuries and illness that may occur while traveling on company busniess away from home. Plus, Cigna's MBA plan is like the travelers it covers - it is mobile. That means Cigna's benefits go wherever business travel takes them.

Today there are several companies to consider when it comes to finding the right International policy that will fit the needs of you and youremployees. Cigna Global offers a unique approach to International coverage in that they have created a specialty products that are designed to meet the needs of employees that travel and travel frequently.

Easy Administration - With the MBA plan, you can expect

  • Simplicity because there's no need to supply eligibility data to set up your account
  • Convenience because you pay one-time annual premiums
  • Flexibility to choose from pre-prices plans or custom coverage options to meet your company's unique needs for any number of International business travelers
  • Ease of one-stop claiming. Your employees don't have to file their claim multiple times while seeking reimbursement. With Cigna, it's only once

Unmatched International Experience

You can count on an international track record that is unmatched. Consider these facts that separate Cigna Global Health Benefits from the rest:

  • One of the largest US-based networks of the health care professionals of any international health services company
  • More then one million health care professionals, clinics, and facilities worldwide, Cigna Global offers one of the largest networks of doctors and hospitals
  • Cigna Global is one of the world's largests and oldest organizations in its industry. In fact, Cgina Global Health Benefits has some of the most significant on-the-ground overseas operations of any US-based health services company.
  • Online claims functinality via Cigna Envoy

Cigna Global Medical Benefits Abroad Plans...

Four pre-priced plans are available. With all MBA plans, coverage begins when an employee leaves the country of residence or permanent assignment and coverage ends when he or she returns. Additionally, custom quotes for other coverage options are also available to meet your companu's unique needs for any number of international business travelers. Customization of the standard MBA plans allows for several options, including flexible deductibles and coinsurance, removal of acidental death and dismemberment, and medical evacuation and repatriation. For travel greater than 749 weeks, please contact us for a custom quote.

Enhancements to your MBA plan

For even more generous benfits, you can choose an MBA plan that includes coverage for:

  • Personal travel when it's taken in combination with employee's business trip
  • Medical care for family members that are traveling with the employee
  • Removal of war risk exclusion
Medical Benefits Abroad Plans
MBA Plan Features
Premier Plus
Calendar year medical benefits maximum
Accicental dealth & dismemberment (optional)
Medical evacuation & repartriation
$ 100,000
Calendar year deductible
Coinsurance (paid by Cigna)
Out-of-pocket coinsurance maximum
Prescription drugs
100% covered expenses
100% covered expenses
100% covered expenses
100% covered expenses
Emergency Dental (includes dental accidents and all alleviation of sudden unexpected dental pain)
subject to the calendar year medical maximum
$1,000 calendar year maximum
$1,000 calendar year maximum
$1,000 calendar year maximum
Sojourn/personal travel
Includes 7 days of personal travel when taken in conjunction with business trip
Not Included
Not Included
Not Included
Room & board outside U.S.
Room & board inside U.S.
Average semi-private room rate
Average semi-private room rate
Average semi-private room rate
Average semi-private room rate
Pre-existing Conditions

Cigna's Customer Promise

Cigna Global is no stranger to customer service. For more than 30 years Cigna has delivered exceptional customer service to their global customers. Cigna promises to deliver to each policy holder:

  • Globally compliant healthcare plans
  • Customer Services available 24 hours a day
  • Quick and easy access to healthcare facilities and professionals around the globe via extensive networks
  • Cigna will reimburse your treatment provider directly in most cases. In rare occasion where you are required to pay for services yourself Cigna aims to reimburse you within 5 working days
  • Payment can be received in over 135 currencies
  • Four integrated customer services centers around the world, available free phone around the clock with medical advice, assistance and administration support
  • Access to Cigna Global Network of over 1 million quality providers
  • Simplified claims process that enables you to access treatment without paying in many cases
  • Access to country specific healthcare advice and your healthcare documents

Annual Premium - MBA Sample Plan Pricing

Annual prices for each plan are listed below. To determine the number of weeks of travel that you need, simply estimate hoe many employees will travel internationally during the year and how many weeks each employee will travel. Note: Premiums shown do not reflect dependent coverage or removal of war risk exlusion.

Weeks of Travel
Premier Plus
0-24 weeks
25-49 weeks
50-74 weeks
75-99 weeks
100-149 weeks
150-249 weeks
250-499 weeks
500-749 weeks
750+ Call for Quote
Call (619) 435-6700 for Custom Quote


Cigna Global Monthly RatesDownload MBA Enrollment Application

  1. Click the image to the right and download MBA Application
  2. Scan and email completed application to ""
  3. Or mail application to: Application Processing P O Box 6374 Jackson, WY 83002-6374

How to Apply for Coverage

Anyone who is an Expatriate from their home country is eligible to apply for coverage. All applications go through the Medical Underwriting process to determine eligibility based on your health status. Prices vary with age, citizenship, residence, product and benefit design. The link provided here for rates includes rates that are indicative only and your actual rate may vary. To get an more accurate quote call us with your information and we will send you a quote specific to your needs or Click Here for an online quote.

Concierge and Travel Assistance Services

  • Advice for how to recover or replace lost documents like passports and credit cards
  • Arrangement for an emergency medical evacuation
  • Coordination of emergency travel arrangement for children under the age of 18 who are left unattended if a family member becomes sick
  • Coordination fo emergency travel arrangements for family members who escort another family member to the hospital
  • Finiding or replacing prescription medication
  • Help finding the right doctor or hospital closet to your location
  • Help obtaining necessary documents for medical insurance claims
  • Providing personal emergency telephone translation services

Cigna Global works hard to make health care easier, more cost effective and more comprehensive. By helping your employees improve their health, well-being and sense of security, it's easier for them to be their best every day. In vitually every part of the world.

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