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2018 Cigna Global International Rate Review

Cigna Global 2018 Rate Review

Cigna Global Get a Rate ButtonCigna Global is are always looking at ways to exceed their customer's expectations. As they continue to evaluate and enhance their propositions through the year, Cigna Global has come up on their regular scheduled rate reviews. These regular reviews of their global business performance allows them to offer best in class health care to their globally mobile and high net worth individual customers while maintaining their market leading proposition.

Following a thorough review of their proposition, markets and medical inflation Cigna Global is pleased to announce that effective from February 15, 2018 many of their existing customers may experience a reduction on their renewal premium, depending on product options and modules selected.

For any new policies starting 15 February the global community will see these price changes applied in any new quotes for cover beginning 02/15. All renewal quotes effective 15 February onward will also reflect the new rates.

Cigna Global prides themselves on offering competitive and sustainable pricing, reflecting medical trends and market dynamics. Adjusting our rates helps ensure long term success in our markets, Cigna is known for offering a premium proposition with unparalleled five-star customer service. Cigna Global currently provides health insurance for customers on over 200 countries and territories.

Are You Ready to Test The Water?

Are you planning to move abroad anytime soon? Whether you are planning to work or just live abroad you will need to make sure you have healthcare taken care of prior to departure. Some countries provide free state healthcare; however, some do not. In addition state run healthcare may not be desirable.

Some companies provide private medical insurance as part of their employee benefit package options. If you are in any doubt, contact your employer and find out the exact details of any cover they are providing. It is vitally important that you have comprehensive health insurance for you and your family. At Cigna Global they have a wide range of levels of Expat medical insurance cover available to protect you in your new homeland, and anywhere else you may be traveling. Find out more about Cigna Global Health Options insurance here. Simply complete the form below and we will reach out to you with timely information. Remember we are here to help!

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