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Seven Corners Reside PrimeSeven Corners Reside Prime Quote Seven Corners Reside Prime Worldwide Global Health Insurance is long-term health coverage for international citizens who generally do not reside in the United States. A relatively new product to the industry, worldwide health insurance is designed for those people who desire U.S. style health insurance benefits, but do not actually live in the United States. The plan covers the person in his home country, and protects him abroad as well. This program offers true global protection. The primary advantage of this type of coverage is that the insured is allowed to travel to other countries in order to receive treatment, including the United States when this option is selected.

Why Choose Reside Prime?

Reside Prime is intended for persons who live or travel outside the United States. It's the health insurance solution for you and your family if you are:

  • a U.S. Citizen relocating or spending extended time overseas
  • a foreign national needing protection in your home country and while traveling abroad

All members must be at least 14 days old and younger than age 75 at time of application.

Reside Prime Worldwide is designed to offer comprehensive insurance benefits to international citizens by following the benefit plans of a US medical program. The Reside Prime is best suited for Individuals residing at least 180 days outside of the United States who desire a U.S. style medical program or foreign nationals traveling often or permanently residing in thier home country. This plan will pay for new illnesses/new injuries based on the area where you are being treated.

The minimum purchase period is 364 days. The Lifetime Maximum coverage must be purchased by age 75. You cannot be in the United States more than 180 days out of a 364 day period. Seven Corners offers additional benefit options for your possible selection. The following benefit options are in addition to the standard Reside Prime program benefits and cannot be purchased seperately.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment principal sum rider
  • Dental Rider
  • Sports Rider
  • Hospital Daily Indemnity Rider

The Reside Prime also offers Extended Coverage Schedule of Benefits that are available to the policy holder only after completion of three (3) consecutive and continuous Policy Periods (364 days per policy period). These extended benefits begin the first day of the fourth policy year.


  1. Reside Prime is not considered to be a Affordable Health Care Act compliant plan. U.S. Citizens who spend more than 35 days per year inside the United States may be subject to the new IRS penalties.
  2. Plans like Reside Prime can offer a much lower monthly premium when compared to plans from GeoBlue and Cigna Global. There are many reasons for the the vast premium differences some of which have to do with how the applicants are medically underwriting at the time of the application. For the person who has been blessed with good health and has NO significant health history Reside Prime may offer a lower monthly premium. But if you have had anything in your past medical history it must be listed on the application in orfer for it to be covered. In addition the Seven Corners Reside Prime Pre-Existing Condition clause is very broad in it's scope of coverage. ANYTHING in your history including things that may not have manifested itself by the time of application but could with a reasonable medical certaintyexisted at the time of application or anytime prior to your effective date could cause potential claims issues. READ THE LIMITATION SECTION OF THE BROHURE BEFORE MAKING A DECISION.

How to Apply for Coverage

The application process is done completely online and payment is submitted during the application process. Simply start by creating a quote and when you are satisfied with your selection complete the application online. You application will be reviewed by Medical Underwriting for acceptance. If approved you will receive you ID card with your effective date along with your certificate of coverage. If you are not accepted for coverage, Seven Corners will return your premium without delay. Click the quote button above or complete the Reside Prime quote in the window below.

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