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HTH Worldwide Global Citizen International Health Plan

Quick QuoteHTH Global CitizenThe Global Citizen is designed to support the international lifestyles of those who travel to or from the United States for extended periods of business, leisure and study. If you leave home for six months or more, your health and financial security are at serious risk because of significant gaps found in most available insurance coverage and services. This risk is only heightened by limited knowledge of health and safety hazards around the world, including medical treatment from unfamiliar providers

The Global Citizen

The Global Citizen is the premier international health plan because it combines comprehensive worldwide benefits with a new generation of medical assistance services, which include an impressive array of online tools used to identify, access and pay for quality healthcare all around the world

Global Citizen gives you the freedom to access care inside and outside the United States. Choose from several plan designs. Portable Coverage At Home The Global Citizen is the only individual international health insurance plan that meets the standards of most U.S. state insurance regulators, so you can keep your Global Citizen coverage when returning to an approved state, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

So Why buy the Global Citizen Plan from HTH Worldwide?

Medical Expense Coverage - During your international experience, you may need to see a doctor, have a prescription filled, receive care at a hospital, or deal with an unexpected medical emergency. In addition, you may wish to return home for either routine care or the treatment of an unexpected illness.

The Medical Benefits provided under the Global Citizen health plan can help protect you against these unforeseeable circumstances regardless of where you are. You buy the plan in the United States, but it covers you wherever you go.

The Global Citizen plan is available to U.S. residents age 74 or younger, and their Eligible Family Members. The plan includes a six month Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion unless you were covered by Creditable Coverage that was in effect up to a date not more than 63 days before the Effective Date of Coverage under this Plan -- please see the Plan Description for details, as well as for detailed benefit information and all other exclusions and limitations.

Medical Evacuation and Other Coverages - In addition to Medical Benefits, the Global Citizen plan provides other valuable benefits, including:

  • Medical Evacuation Coverage, to transport you to higher quality medical care in the event of serious illness.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage.
  • Optional Pharmacy Coverage, which includes coverage for prescription medications inside and outside the U.S.

HTH Coordinates emergency services with a worldwide network of contracted Physician Advisors as well as air ambulance operators selected for their safety records. Member in need of life saving medical intervention are treated in Centers of Excellence in the U.S. and around the world whenever possible. See the Plan Description for detailed benefits, exclusions, and limitations.

Ready Access to Quality Care - In addition to health protection, you'll receive access to HTH Worldwide's global community of carefully selected, contracted hospitals, physicians, dentists and behavioral health professionals in over 180 countries. Detailed provider profiles, including medical training, are available online when you become a member. You can even ask HTH to locate a provider in a particular location or specialty, to better meet your personal needs. Global Citizen customers who require hospital care overseas can receive full profiled international treatment options and, in the event of an unforeseen emergency, round-the-clock support, including assistance with evacuation. In most cases, HTH can pay providers directly (not available everywhere), saving you from using personal funds upfront. For care in the U.S., the Global Citizen plan includes access to centers of excellence and a U.S. PPO network. Members also have the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital, worldwide.

Health and Safety Resources - In addition to high quality insurance coverage and medical care, expatriates and international travelers need knowledge and information. When you enroll in the Global Citizen plan, you gain access to HTH's powerful Global Health and Safety Resources. These online assistance tools, backed up by 24 hour a day customer service, provide daily health and security alerts by emails, and detailed description of health facilities and security information, by destination. In addition, translation databases are available for brand name drugs and medical terms and phrases.

Global Citizen Advantages over Competing Plans

  • No waiting periods associated with any preventive services.
  • The pre-existing condition exclusion can be waived with proof of prior creditable insurance.
  • Covers injuries or illnesses that are a result of a terrorist act.
  • No precertification required.
  • Deductible is waived for office visits to HTH participating providers outside the U.S.
  • Direct billing arrangements with close to 1200 facilities outside the U.S.
  • No surcharge for monthly billing.

Strength of a U.S. Insurer and offers Advantages over Competing Plans

  • Your insurance coverage is underwritten by an outstanding U.S. Admitted Company, BCS Insurance Company, which is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best for financial strength. BSC Insurance Company, know for innovative product developement and special risk underwriting, is based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. To find out more about BCS, visit
  • Global Citizen protects your rights by meeting U.S. standards and features benefits more generous than offshore, non-admitted "surplus coverage".

The Global Citizen health plan has met the standards of state regulators and thus features benefits more generous than non-admitted "surplus coverage." There are no waiting periods associated with most benefits or services and no pre-certification is required. The plan is creditable and the pre-existing condition exclusion can be waived subject to proof of prior creditable insurance. In addition, the plan automatically covers injuries or illnesses that are a result of a terrorist act.

Eligibility Requirements

All U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents living abroad who are 74 or younger at the time of application are eligible to apply for coverage or; All legal residents of the U.S.(citizens and foreign nationals) who are age 74 or younger at the time of application are eligible if they apply from an approved state or;

Eligible States - Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

An employee of a U.S. company, whereby the company is domiciled in an approved state listed below and the company pays the insurance premium.

Eligible Family

Family members included in the plan must be Eligible Dependents. An Eligible Dependent means a person who is the Eligible Participant's spouse age 74 or less and/or:

  • unmarried natural child, stepchild or legally adopted child who has not yet reached age 19;
  • own or spouse's own unmarried child, of any age, enrolled prior to age 26, who is incapable of self support due to continuing mental retardation or physical disability and who is chiefly dependent on the Eligible Participant. The Insurer requires written proof from a Physician of such disability and dependency within 31 days of the child's 26th birthday and annually thereafter.
  • unmarried child, from their 19th to their 22nd birthday who is a full-time student attending an accredited college, university, vocational or technical school, and who is fully dependent upon the Eligible Participant for support. The Insurer may require proof of student status, but not more than once a Year;
  • grandchild, niece or nephew who otherwise qualifies as a dependent child, if: (i) the child is under the primary care of the Insured Participant; and (ii) the legal guardian of the child, if other than the Insured Participant, is not covered by an accident or sickness policy.

The term "primary care" means that the Insured Participant provides food, clothing and shelter on a regular and continuous basis during the time that public schools are in regular session.
A person may not be an Insured Dependent for more than one Insured Participant.

Eligible Dependents must be residents (either U.S. citizens or foreign nationals) of the U.S.

Maternity Benefits

After 12 months of continuous coverage, Global Citizen members may renew their coverage or apply for a new plan that covers maternity costs in the same way as all other medical conditions.

Ready to Apply?

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