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2020 Anthem Blue Cross of California denatl plans for Individuals and Families

Anthem Blue Cross of California Individual & Family Dental Plans for 2020

2020 Anthem Blue Cross of California Dental and Vision Care brochureOnline Anthem Blue Cross Dental Quote and Enroll toolJust about everyone will tell you how expensive their dental care has become. It is almost hard to fathom how expensive a visit to the dentist is and unlike a visit to the doctor your visit to your local dentist is more than likely not covered by any insurance. Like health care, dental care has not road map for most people. How do you know what a visit is going to cost you when you make that appointment. Further how do you know how to process the recommendations made by your dentist and at what cost? 2018 and beyond does show a bit of hope in the cost area now that the Individual Mandate associated with the Affordable Care Act is concerned. Why? Simply because we will start to be more competitive medical insurance products rise from the ashes.

GOOD NEWS - today there are actually quite a few really good Dental Plans available to the Individual and their families. Basically there are three types of plan designs. The HMO, PPO and the Fixed Benefit Plans. Each offers a slightly different twist but the bottom line is that if you actually take advantage of these plan types you will save money on your next dental visit.

Anthem PPO, HMO and Vision plans

Anthem Blue Cross offers three stand alone dental plans to choose from. Most of the Anthem dental plans cover you for 100% for exams, and cleanings and x-rays. All of the Anthem Vision plans cover you for a yearly eye exam. Anthem Blue Cross of California offers a variety of individual and family dental plan options to fit your needs and budget. These Anthem plans include:

  • Dental Prime
  • Anthem Dental Blue
  • Dental Select HMO

In addition Anthem has one of the largest dental provider organization (PPO) networks in the country. Plus, Anthem works with in-network dentist to get deep discounts for you and your family members. When you see a network dentist, you can save an average of 25% - 32% on covered dental services.

Anthem Offers Three Online Tools

  • Ask a Hygienist - Email your questions to a licensed dental professional and get quick, private, personalized advice at no extra cost
  • Dental Cost Estimator - Help estimate your costs for dental procedures and services in the ZIP code where you get care
  • Dental Health Assessment - Get feedback based on your responses to a few questions to help you keep a healthy smile

Dental Prime Dental Plans - The Anthem Blue Cross Dental Prime plans cover routine care like exams, cleanings and x-ray with no waiting periods, so you can use those benefits right away. Because there are three plan options you ca choose a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Dental Blue PPO Plans - Anthem Blue Cross offers two Dental PPO plan to select from. The Dental Blue Basic and Dental Blue Enhanced. Both Plans use the Dental Blue 100 network. Dental Blue Basic and Dental Blue Enhances both offer essential coverage:

  • Diagnostic and preventive coverage for services like cleanings, exams and x-rays
  • Benefits for basic services, such as fillings

Dental Blue Enhanced offer more coverage:

  • Major Services like crowns, periodontal (gum-related) procedures, oral surgery and root canals
  • Orthodontics coverage for children after a 12 month waiting period, with a separate lifetime limit of $1,000 ($500 per year)

HMO Plans  –  With an HMO Dental plan you will need to choose a dentist or dental office when you enroll.  This will be your dental office for all of your dental services. You will not have freedom of choice with different dentists with an HMO plan.  Although your out of pocket amounts will be less with an HMO plan, typically copays for the different dental procedures.

Waiting Periods:  All PPO dental plans will have some sort of waiting period for “Basic” services along with “Major” services.  If you have dental insurance from another company or employer group plan, the new plan will honor the previous coverage and typically waive your new waiting periods.

If you are in a waiting period, you will still see impressive costs savings of 25% – 40% simply by seeing a network PPO dentist.  Because they are bound by the company and plan contracted and negotiated service fees.

Below is an example of the Anthem Dental PPO plans coverage outline:

Anthem Blue Cross Dental Plans for California
Plan A
Dental Prime
Plan B
Dental Prime
Plan C
Dental Blue Basic PPO Dental Blue Enhanced PPO Dental Select HMO
Dental Network Dental Prime Dental Blue 100 Dental HMO
Deductible per Person None $50 $50 $25 $50 / Person
$150 / Family
Annual max per person $500 $1,000 $1,250 $500 $1,250 None
Preventive No wait No wait No wait None None None
Diagnostic & Prevention No Waiting Period No Waiting Period
Cleaning, exams, e-ray 100% Coverage 0% / 20% Copay
Extra Cleaning 1 extra cleaning for Pregnant or Diabetic N/A N/A N/A
Basic Services Not covered 6 month waiting period 6 month waiting period
Fillings Not covered 80% Coverage 80% Coverage 20% / 40% Copay
Brush Biopsy Not covered 80% 80% Not Covered
Major Services Not covered 12 month wait 12 month wait Not Covered 12 month waiting period No waiting period
Oral surgery, root canal,
tooth removal
Not covered 50% 50% Not Covered 50% / 50% coinsurance Copay
Crowns, dentures, bridges Not covered Not covered 50% Not Covered 50% / 50% Copay
Orthodontics N/A N/A N/A Not Covered $100 Ded, 50% coinsurance Copay
Download Dental Brochure Download Application Rates Brochure Enroll Online

How to Enroll in Anthem Dental

  2. Download the Anthem Blue Cross Dental Application
  3. Complete the PDF FILLIN Application and select plan option
  4. Scan and email the completed application to ""
  5. Questions Call (307) 690-0427 or email ""

Anthem Blue View Vision Plans

The Anthem Blue View Vision Plans are available with and Anthem Medical or Dental plan. With all Blue View Vision plans, you can choose from more than 36,000 eye doctors at over 27,000 locations throughout California. You can call or go online at 1-800 CONTACTS, visit a participating private practice eye doctor, or go in-store to LensCrafters, Sears Optical, Target Optical and JCPenny Optical. You will enjoy the convenience of having just one ID card when you purchase your medical, dental and/or vision plans with Anthem. If you select multiple products you will receive one bill for all.

ADD Blue Vision to Your Dental Plan

You can add a Blue View Vision benefits plan to your dental plan. The features include:

  • A broad, convenient group of national providers
  • A complete picture of our health between your eye doctor and your primary care doctor
  • Add Ons at no extra charge
  • Discounts for other Add Ons
  • Value Added Savings

Blue View Vision Bundled Plan - The current Blue View Vision Bundled plan has not changed. The Bundled plan can only be purchased in combination with any off-exchange Antehm Individual medical or dental plan.

Blue View Vision Enhanced, Plus and Value Plans - The new Anthem stand-alone Blue View Vision Enhanced, Plus and Value plans are designed with your lifestyle in mind and can be purchased with or without a medical and / or dental plan. YOu can choose the plan that gives you the most value from your benefits.

COST SAVINGS EXAMPLE Member Saves $409.00
  Retail Benefit Copay Member Pays
Exam $80 Covered $20 $20
Frame $130 $130 allowance N/A $0
Single Vision Lenses $80 Covered   $20
Scratch Coating $22 Included N/A $0
Progressive premium tier 1 $140 Upgrade N/A &86
Polycarbonate lenses $55 Upgrade N/A $40
Anti-reflective premium tier 2 $100 Upgrade N/A $88
Transition lenses $110 Upgrade N/A $75
Total Purchase $717     $308

Take a look at the Vision Plan from Anthem Blue Cross DOWNLOAD BROCHURE HERE

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2020 Blue Shield of California Dental Plans for Individuals and Families
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